It’s in the Mail

My first assignment, that is! O:IHTMMFABFATVL is complete, except there was a tweak at the end: I mailed it today. It just wasn’t quite ready yesterday. I even wish I had more time to work on it! I guess that’s just part of being a writer, right? Every piece can be improved somehow.

So! (I like beginning paragraphs with that very emphatic mono-syllabic declaration. On the blog, at least.) What were my finishing ‘stats’? Let’s revisit what I started with on June 11th (the first day after the summer residency):

Chapters: 19

Pages: 103

Words: 26,640

As of right this moment (I haven’t added anything since I printed it out this morning):

Chapters: 27

Pages: 125

Words: 32,553

I actually cut the last 10 pages of the original version, so I ended up adding 32 new pages, mostly in the middle. And! I shall reveal the title. I didn’t before, because I liked it, but I wanted to see if it fit after all of the revisions I inflicted bestowed upon it. I’m happy to say it still does! Titles are really hard for me, but I love this one.

It is …

commence drum roll …

please? …

someone? …


(grumble, grumble)

Oh, right!

Red Sky

And now my brain is slush and I’m tired and I want to sleep.

Just 3 more months of my last semester! (Cue ironic, nervous, slightly psychotic laughter.)

2 thoughts on “It’s in the Mail

    1. Thanks! It felt so good. That’s my first of three due dates for the semester, and then I’m done! (Well, except my graduating residency during which I have to give a reading, lecture, and Q&A sesh. -_-)

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