What Say Ye: Favorite Utensil?

Because I want to post, but just got out of the gym and my brain’s all ALSKDFKNDBIIT@*($%!HIFAK:SV_)!*% (yes, the symbols are likely cuss words; my brain gets foul when left to its own devices).

SO! What’s the best utensil?

Your choices:

The Make-You-Feel-Dangerous Knife

The Holds-Yummy-Things-Quite-Nicely Spoon

Or The Sassy Fork

The Spork is NOT an option. The Spork is a cheater!

For the record, I choose spoon. You can scoop up pretty much any food, and even though it’s blunt, you could still hack your way through a porterhouse steak. It just might take you an hour or so.

(All images from ToothpasteForDinner.com. Because they do the kind of demented humor that I love.)


9 thoughts on “What Say Ye: Favorite Utensil?

  1. Linds says:

    I would totally jimmy together a spoon and a knife together swiss army knife style. But if I had to choose, I’d probably say knife. It can double as a fork and most of the stuff you use a spoon for you can use your hands/slurp.

  2. E.Maree says:

    Spoons! Because I need them for tea, cereal, soup and nutella. And my life would be a sad thing without those.
    Plus, working in an office with a constant fork shortage means I’ve well-trained at eating noodles, meat and pasta with a spoon.

  3. sparky says:

    Spoons are useful for digging our way out of captivity. Slowly, yes. Not much dirt is moved when it moves 1T at a time.

  4. Kitty says:

    I’m gonna go with the spoon because, when all else fails – cereal for dinner! Or for lunch. Yep – cereal is your basic go-to meal around here. Sad but true. :)

  5. lindsay says:

    Hey! Left you an award over on the blog…I know you may not want to do anything with it being design related, but I just had to give it to you :)

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