So … About That …

Life has been crazy and it’s getting crazier. Baby Atkins is due in 11 days (yes, I will be a parent. fear for the world.), and my house looks like a war zone (if wars are fought with baby gear). I’ve been thinking for a while of going on a blogging hiatus, but I’m so pooped these days that even three hours of work has me ending the day like this:

[Pic redacted.]

(Seriously, this picture kills me every single time. Crazy cats.)

But! I’ve quit my day job (yet again) and I’m reluctant to do anything official on my blog, but at the same time I know that I will go temporarily insane once the baby’s born, so I don’t want to make any promises about posting. HOWEVER, I’m going to focus on being a good blogging friend. AKA, reading and commenting because I’ve missed you lovely people. And who knows! I might even finish FRACTURED RADIANCE before the bambino arrives (but that’s entirely dependent on his schedule, since he could come tomorrow and I definitely can’t write 20k words in a day).

So, yes, I’m alive still. Because I know you’ve been dying to know what’s going on in my life.

Another cat picture for the road? Of course.

[Pic redacted.]

4 thoughts on “So … About That …

  1. I am so excited for you! Don’t put any pressure on yourself about your writing for the forseeable future… once that baby arrives, all bets are off. :) Have fun with the new little one. That cuddly baby stage goes fast.

  2. That bottom picture IS my cat. Except he turns immediately loving and comes in for face nuzzles.

    I’m glad to get any update from you! I missed your post. But babies are important, so don’t worry too much about the blog one way or the other. If you’re too tired to post or read, then don’t. But if you’re bored between/during feedings and want to check in for a few minutes, do that instead! Best of luck with your babies, both real and figurative (the book).

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