DSC_1742bKris Atkins has always been fascinated by three things: people, magic, and language. She combined these loves into one passion: writing immersive fantasy that explores its characters as much as its magic systems.

Kris was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder in 2009. Since then, she has become an advocate for mental health awareness. She folds mental health issues into all of her stories, showcasing people with mental illness living ordinary and extraordinary lives.

Kris earned her BA in Linguistics from Brigham Young University in 2008. Four years later, she received her MFA in Creative Writing from Converse College. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, three rambunctious boys, and an old, grumpy dog. She has mermaid hair and a deep love for Diet Dr. Pepper.

You can reach her at krisatkinswrites@gmail.com.