I had a baby!

Yep, I’m a mom now. Be afraid, world, be very afraid.


In all seriousness, though, my little Turbo* was born last week and things have been going pretty well so far–on the baby front. The writing front? Not so much, but no one’s blaming me, least of all myself. So until I post again, here’s a funny video for you to watch:

Does this video make anyone else hopeful for the rising generation?

Have a Happy Friday and a Happy Undetermined-Amount-Of-Time-Till-I-Post-Again! ^_^


*NOT his real name.** I used it as a placeholder name during pregnancy, and it’s become his nickname.

**Because I love my child and don’t want to ruin any hope of him having a decent career. Can you imagine a Dr. Turbo Atkins? Sounds like a wrestler. Who eats a low carb diet.


Inspiration Fix

I’ve hit a bump in the road the last couple of weeks. Remember how I set a goal to finish my WIP by the end of January?

Yeah, it didn’t so much happen.

Which isn’t a big deal. It was a self-imposed deadline, so I’m not gonna worry about.

What is a big deal is the doubt and fear to which I’ve succumbed the last few weeks. That have balked me from writing.

(I truly don’t believe in writer’s block, and I’m not giving myself a free pass on this one. But it’s happened, and it is what it is.)

Anyhow, I need to get back on it! It’s been easier lately to paint the dreaded beadboard in my kitchen (which is now done, huzzah!), then open Scrivener. (I totally did open Scrivener this weekend, but it terrified me too much. I ran screaming to the fridge, pulled out my brush, and frantically painted.)

I had to pull up my Pinterest account just now to look for a quote, and came across all kinds of inspiring quotes that are making me feel happy and ready. I will write today.

So here are some of the ones I really love! (Or are just ringing especially true today.)

“Creativity takes courage.” -Henri Matisse


She believed she could so she did.


“Nothing great has been and nothing great can be accomplished without passion.” -G.W.F. Hegel


Today is going to be bloody a-maz-ing. Oh, how I love todays


Whenever I get sad I stop being sad and start being awesome.

So, a little pick-me-up for myself and hopefully for you as well! (Although, let’s be honest, it’s Friday! And who isn’t at least a little happy just by default?)

What are some quotes/mantras you use for inspiration?

Write Until Something Surprises You

My fabulous prof, Leslie Pietrzyk, reminds us of this advice at every residency. It’s become one of my favorite mantras. (And apparently one of her favorite teachers, Richard Bausch, imparted those words of wisdom to Leslie. And thus, the circle continues…)

Things have been quiet here this week because my attention has been on getting all Christmasy things done. Shopping, wrapping, shipping, and decorating are all done! Huzzah! I even braved the mall yesterday, and let me tell you, that place was crazy. But not as crazy as Costco. Yeesh.

This is How You Feel After a Full Day of Writing

At least, feel brain dead.

My second and last full rough draft of my thesis arrives at my professor’s today. I have one month and one week until the final draft is due.

You could say I’m excited. And a little freaked out. Is it going to be good enough? I do feel that this draft is strong. So that’s good!

So where are we know, stat-wise?

Beginning of the semester:

Chapters: 19

Pages: 103

Words: 26,640


8/15 Draft:

Chapters: 27

Pages: 125

Words: 32,553


10/7 Draft:

Chapters: 28

Pages: 133

Words: 33,706


It’s strange to work so much on a partial of a novel. The first chapter alone has been through several drafts. So once I finally finish the book, not just the thesis, it’ll be a bit unbalanced at first.

But that’s okay! Because I’ll have my grade by then. ^_^