Writing/Publishing Links

Publishing World

Galley Cat

Pub(lishing) Crawl

Writing Tips, Support, etc.

Cockeyed Caravan

Helping Writers Become Authors

Manuscript Wish List

Nathan Bransford: Author

Operation Awesome

Query Shark

Why the Writing Works

Writer Beware

Writing Forward

Agent Blogs

Janet Reid, Literary Agent

Nelson Literary Agency

Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent

YA/Children’s Lit Blogs

Literary Rambles

YA Buccaneers

YA Confidential

YA Highway

YA Muses


Contest Sites

Brenda Drake – Pitch Wars and Pitch Madness

Cupid’s  Literary Connection

Miss Snark’s First Victim


Between the Covers the blog for local independent bookstore and hometown favorite, The Tattered Cover; great reading rec’s

Redux: A Literary Journal on-line literary journal started by my thesis advisor, Leslie Pietrzyk

South85 Journal on-line literary journal run by my MFA program at Converse College

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